Federated Farmers release roadmap to restore farmer confidence

Federated Farmers have released their policy platform for the 2023 election, setting out a rural roadmap with 12 key policy changes for New Zealand’s next government.

"Kiwi farmers have a great story to tell when it comes to our economic contribution, the jobs we create and the work we do to improve environmental outcomes - yet farmer confidence is at record lows," Federated Farmers President Wayne Langford says.

For the last five years farmers have been living through a period of unprecedented regulatory change. A swathe of new requirements for improving water quality, biodiversity and the climate have taken a real toll on the wellbeing of our rural communities.

"The intent of these regulations may have been good, but the reality of the execution and implementation has been nothing short of disastrous for our farmers. The end result is a long list of highly prescriptive and unworkable rules that tie us up in red tape and heap on unnecessary costs," Langford said.

"Federated Farmers are determined to turn that around, so we’re rolling up our sleeves and bringing some real solutions to the table.

"This election we’re being very clear about what needs to be done to restore farmer confidence, support thriving rural communities, improve environmental outcomes and unlock the potential of our primary sector.

"The best thing about our policy priorities is that they won’t cost the taxpayer a dollar. We’re just asking for the government to get the settings right so farmers have the confidence to invest, grow, and get on with what they do best - farming."

Federated Farmers 12 policy priorities for the next Government:

  1. Support better use of technologies
  2. Unlock potential through water storage
  3. Allow young farmers to access their KiwiSaver
  4. Urgently review our methane targets
  5. Rethink our ETS Forestry Rules and net-zero target
  6. Scrap the Ute tax and fix our infrastructure
  7. Give back control to local communities
  8. Fix our unworkable freshwater rules
  9. Get RMA reform right
  10. Simplify Significant Natural Areas
  11. Build the farmer workforce

Show fiscal and monetary discipline.

You can read the full document here:



For more information contact:
Wayne Langford, President Federated Farmers of NZ, 027 525 7377
Simon Edwards | Senior Communications Advisor, Federated Farmers
Email: [email protected], Mobile: +64 (0)27 484 8892