Rural Butchers

Rural Butchers is a Federated Farmers industry group that was started in 1998 to represent the interests of the Homekill Sector with the advent of the Animal Products Act in 1999. Rural Butchers are either Homekill Service Providers [HKSP] who are paid to kill and/or process unregulated meat from unlicensed premises such as farms, by the owners of the animals OR Dual Operator Butchers [DOB] who as well as providing homekill services, also operate as a retail butcheries, processing/selling regulated meat sourced from licensed premises.

The selling or trading of unregulated meat is illegal and DOB have to ensure that the regulated and unregulated meat and meat products are kept separated and they operate under a Risk Management Programme that is verified by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

Both Homekill Service providers and Dual Operator Butchers are  registered on the MPI website. More information about the homekill sector can be found on the Homekill and Recreational Catch page on the Ministry for Primary Industries website.

The Federated Farmers Rural Butchers industry group  is managed by an Executive and gets involved as necessary, in policy and issues that affect the sector. Rural Butchers also get together every year, for a general meeting and conference. All members are welcome to attend these gatherings to socialise, to meet with other Rural Butchers and to share thoughts about issues the industry faces.

What's been happening

New-Season Farm Confidence Report - July 2022

Posted on 28/09/2022
This report summarises the July 2022 Federated Farmers’ New-Season Farm Confidence survey results. The survey is undertaken twice a year (January and July); this is the 27th iteration.

Mid-Season Farm Confidence Report - February 2022

Posted on 26/09/2022
This report summarises the February 2022 Federated Farmers’ Mid-Season Farm Confidence survey results. The survey is undertaken twice a year (January and July); this study is the 25th iteration.

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