Media release

Ship and cargo causing a helluva stink for farmers 

February 12, 2018

Federated Farmers is calling on the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to hold firm on a shipment which has been previously turned away from the Port of Auckland.
The vessel, carrying motor vehicles from Japan, was deemed a biosecurity risk after the discovery of over 100 brown marmorated stink bugs. (BMSB).
As no port in New Zealand has the capacity to fumigate the ship, it has been subsequently re-routed to Australia.
“That ship and its cargo should not be allowed anywhere near our shoreline until we have assurances that it is comprehensively fumigated with all the marmorated stink bugs destroyed,” says Guy Wigley, Federated Farmers’ Biosecurity Spokesperson.
“The threat to our primary industries is significant and the implications are huge. It could damage our economy to the tune of a hundreds of millions.
“This scenario is effectively akin to the Foot and Mouth disease of the crop world- it makes arable and horticulture farmers very nervous and we have to trust in our biosecurity measures.”
Federated Farmers intends following the situation closely and is anticipating that MPI will make the right decision, on whether the shipment should be permitted to dock in the future.
“The Federation considers biosecurity a top priority and we always advocate for strict enforcement,” says Guy.